Monday, 23 February 2009

Hello empty cyberspace.

Welcome to yet another opinionated and self-indulgent vanity project. I am yet another one of those people who, bizarrely, thinks that other people might read what they have to say. This is a place for me to put down odd thoughts about philosophy before I have reached the stage where they are at all well-formed, convincingly argued or in any other way worthy of your attention.

I will probably also bore you with endless mundane tales and reminiscences about every detail of my painfully ordinary life. If you want to hear not only shit philosophical musings, but also reports of the minutiae of hair dye, drinking, and what my equally boring friends and relatives have got up to, you are probably going to be in luck.

More usefully, I will try to mention updates about conferences, journals, and any other philosophy news that fits within my vague range of interest or experience, especially anything happening in the UK.